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Why partner with us?
Thousands of HR administrators struggle to survive without a proper human resource management tool. SOFFLIX HR gives you a full-proof platform to manage all companies HR needs and simplify the ways in which companies handle their day-to-day activities. Our software is affordable, reliable, and most importantly flexible to thrive in their organization. Being a partner you can recommend SOFFLIX HR to your network. Hence, becoming a partner with us help other companies to expedite their growth in addition to following benefits.
Here’s why you should partner with SOFFLIX HR:
  • We provide you with materials to showcase why our platforms suitable for company HR needs.
  • You will take upto 15% commission of each subscription purchase from companies that you are introduced to us.
  • We provide free accounts to create your own demos and get familiar with SOFFLIX HR.
  • SOFFLIX HR partners get a guaranteed recurring revenue.
  • We handle any customer query once your referral is onboarded.
Choose us and be a member of this transformative HR journey!
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