Compensation & Payroll
Were you dedicating a large part of the day to manually tracking PTO, managing employee rosters, taking care of attendance, and figuring out expense claims? Worry not, because we offer you the perfect solution to address all your concerns from attendance tracking to roster management to PTO like never before.
Expense Claims
Our expense claims features give you the complete freedom to create expense forms according to your standard procedures and review and maintain all expense requests. Our intuitive and reliable system allows you to simplify and accelerate your claim process in a blink of an eye.
Paid Time Off (PTO)
Your PTO system just got 10 times easier! From tracking leave entitlements to reviewing leave utilizations to creating leave approval submissions, we’ve got you covered. Manage your PTO systems with our customizable leave approval system and much more.
Attendance Monitoring
Maintaining your employees’ participation via our attendance monitoring system not only saves you chunks and chunks of time but also provides a flexible and efficient way to do so. You are able to create your own custom attendance approval forms while reviewing attendance records with the utmost ease.
Roster Management
A full-proof roster management system could enhance your employee's productivity while elevating the smooth flow of organizational activities. We offer you the capabilities of creating custom rosters and assigning coordinators, on-call assignees and so much more while giving you a dependable interface to review and manage said rosters.