Do you strive to build an atmosphere within your organization that allows people to grow and feel immensely valued? Do you need that gentle nudge in the right direction that enables your organization to flourish beyond all expectations? We’ve got you covered!
With SOFFLIX HR, you can boost your people’s morale while keeping track of employees who are thriving as well as reach out to those in need of a helping hand. Our system guarantees to elevate your people’s engagement and productivity while encouraging them to reach new heights every day.
Performance Management
When your employees are thriving you thrive! Receiving continuous feedback on their conduct paves the way to nurture and support high-performing teams enabling your organization to flourish even more. With our software, you can create evaluation timelines, assign managers to review and share feedback, review performance evaluations, and more. We also offer a review system in which fellow employees could review their peers anytime and even anonymously if needed.
With SOFFLIX HR you get an incredible opportunity to appreciate your employee's hard work and dedication to your organization. We have designed a highly motivating interface in which all employees could publicly post appreciations about peers and even award them with prestigious badges. We give you the control to inspire and empower your employees to achieve more every day!