Organization Management
SOFFLIX HR not only provides you with a revitalizing HR Management experience but also gives you the tools to manage all things related to your organization. Our solutions help you to put a stop to engaging in redundant and tedious tasks of managing your organization and allow you to focus on the more critical operations.
Event Planning
We offer you the best features to organize and plan all your business events and holidays with the usage of your organization calendar. Make sure all your company events are in order with a click of a button using SOFFLIX HR.
Location Management
Do you have multiple locations that need proper managing? Once again, we’ve got you covered. We allow you to manage and maintain data regarding all your locations seamlessly and effortlessly.
Designation & Role Administration
Every organization has its own roles and designations for its employees. We help you do just that. With our software, you can organize and manage your own roles and designations related data and details with ease.
Archival Facilities
We know that you have tons and tons of documents that need to be managed. With our software, you have complete freedom to store and manage documents that are crucial to your organization safely and quickly.
Organization Communications
We give you the perfect tools to create custom email templates using our layout editor and review your own templates using our email viewer before sending them out to all your employees. Communicating with your people is just easier and more efficient with SOFFLIX HR like never before.