People Management
A crucial part of succeeding as an organization is having a bulletproof methodology to gather, store and manage people data. Whilst this is an important part of HR, it can also be a very tedious task demanding a great deal of time and effort. With SOFFLIX HR, you will be fully equipped to manage all your employee data efficiently, securely, and with ease. Here’s a preview of the HR components of our system.
Employee Database
Our system offers an easy and efficient way to store and track your employee's sensitive data in a matter of seconds. You have full control over which data you want to maintain through our customizable features and much more.

Create User Wizard

Every organization's HR process has its own unique procedures. Our system offers you the freedom to create your employee records however way you wish. All employee records can be fully customized to capture any employee data and can be included in the system manually or by uploading user data.

Manage Designations

Keeping track of promotions and all details related to these proceedings could be a challenging endeavor for any HR expert. We are here to help you out with a reliable system to promote your employees instantaneously.

Asset Management

Protecting your company’s resources is a vital aspect of any organization. With our system, you are able to keep track and monitor all your company assets that are allocated to your employees with ease.

Terminations and Employee Deactivations

Making sure employee terminations don't affect your organization’s smooth flow of events is an aspect that must not be taken lightly. We make sure that terminations don't interrupt your workflows by assuring replacements and much more.
Workflow Management
Optimizing your employee's workflows enables tasks to be executed effectively and efficiently. With our workflow management system, you are guaranteed a smooth flow of company activities while significantly empowering your employees.

Onboarding Workflows

Assigning employees to workflows and the relevant tasks that need to be completed with respective deadlines could encourage your employees to achieve their maximum potential.

Offboarding Workflows

Allocating workflows to employees before their departure would ensure that tasks get done without delays that would impact your organization negatively. Use our system to make sure that every task that needs to be done gets completed on time.

Custom Workflows

Creating and managing your own employee workflows according to the needs of your company with our system could pave the way to ensure that your employees have the ability to focus on the important tasks of your organization.
Attendance & Leave Monitoring
Free your HR team from the mundane manual tasks of keeping track of your employees with our attendance and leave monitoring system. With SOFFLIX HR you can easily coordinate your employee's daily activities leading to greater efficiency and productivity.

Attendance Monitoring

Our system provides an easy and reliable methodology to maintain and monitor all attendance-related data. Our system not only saves you huge chunks of time but also guarantees to enhance your company’s engagement.

Leave Monitoring

Giving your employees much-needed rest is necessary to ensure their wellbeing. Our system gives your employees an opportunity to request leaves in addition to reviewing leave history and monitoring employee eligibility criteria. We also give you features to define your own basis for leaves to suit your organization's needs.

Monthly Dashboard

With our monthly dashboard feature, you are capable of reviewing your employee's leave calendars and other important details needed to get an overall picture of your organization.
Multi-level Approvals
We bring a unique multi-level approval system in which your employees have full freedom to submit approvals on multiple aspects of your organization. These approvals can be directed to the relevant parties to be reviewed and take further action from there on.

Leave Approvals

With our system, you are capable of creating leave approval criteria by either including or excluding employees for any approval rule. In addition, you are capable of reviewing leave approvals and making decisions based on these submissions.

Claim Approvals

Employee expense claims can be dealt with ease and rapidly with the features our systems offer. You are able to define claim approval rules according to the needs of your organization and even review all employees that are eligible for it.

Attendance Approvals

Employees are capable of submitting attendance approvals and you are also free to create your own attendance approval rules.

Timesheet Approvals

On top of creating timesheets for your employees, we also provide you the opportunity to create timesheet approvals and approve or reject them based on your organization's proceedings.