Recruitment & Onboarding
We want nothing more for your organization than the best of the best! We know how tedious finding the right people for the job can be and we are here to help. Our software allows you to conduct all activities from recruitment to onboarding with ease like never before. SOFFLIX HR gives you the right tools to snatch the finest candidates to elevate your organization to new heights.
Candidate Monitoring
Our candidate monitoring systems ensure that the best candidates won't slip through your fingers. SOFFLIX HR delivers a seamless and efficient experience from receiving a potential application to making selections based on your key criterion to securing hires. We give you features to review, shortlist, test, interview, and even send out offer letters for a perfect hire.
Vacancy Tracking
Vacancy tracking is a big part of making sure your hire prospects are in line and vital to making sure job seekers know the available opportunities at your organization. We supply you with the best tools to keep track of the openings at your firm and even affiliate workflows with each job role. We make sure you are capable of having an impeccable experience with planning your recruitment pipeline.
Interview Management
The days of writing interview dates and details on post-its are over! SOFFLIX HR gives you an efficient and productive way to review ongoing, upcoming, completed, and scheduled interviews along with maintaining critical details related to these interviews. We make sure all your hiring procedures are in order and done flawlessly.
Online Test Portal
Were you struggling with creating standards evaluations for your applicants to test their knowledge base and experience levels required to get the job done? We’ve got you covered! Our online test portal allows you to create your own evaluations and get them assessed according to your conventions.